Taking Vocal Lessons For The First Time

Has singing always resonated with you?
Do you crave the ability to be able to belt out notes flawlessly at any given time? 

That is exactly what I was going through. I used to think people were either born with the talent or they weren’t. I would beat myself up for “not having any talent.” I was always interested in taking vocal lessons but I knew that it can be a bit expensive. I finally decided to invest in myself for a happier future and to possibly open up more opportunities in life. 

Taking vocal lessons for the first time was the best decision I have made in my life. I did not even know what kind of artist I wanted to be. I explored all of the genres and came to the conclusion that Heavy Metal was my favorite, and probably my calling. Growing up I loved expressing myself and being a loud kid, like many. This unfortunately does not sit well with most circumstances. Adults tell you to stop screaming, stop being so loud, stop using your voice. As a child, this can affect you in ways you can’t understand. We become compliant and quiet for the sake and sanity of those around us. Our light dims down. It’s crucial to our development. This is why when we become adults, we loose the ability to project our voice to it’s maximum potential. Our muscles forget how and when to contract, our vocal chords forget how to ring and we forget how to have fun. 

Taking vocal lessons for the first time with The Voice Mechanic was amazing! I’ve never received such positive encouragement and feedback from a instructor. Classes are incredibly affordable compared to other vocal coaches in Hollywood, CA. 
My first lesson consisted of learning the proper breathing technique. I had no idea how to control my breathing properly beforehand. It was one of the things that helped me improve my voice strength immediately. I started going on a weekly basis and in no time I was screaming and belting the notes flawlessly. I developed a rasp that is wicked and can scream effortlessly without damaging my vocal chords. Oh yes, you can damage your vocal chords. The wrong guidance will hurt you in the long run. I’ve learned that singing should feel natural and good, if you feel like your voice hurts please take a break. Come back to it tomorrow, it takes time to develop your vocal chord strength like any other muscle, don’t over do it. But definitely get started!

– Happy Student