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Are you interested in taking Metal Singing Lessons?

Contact The Voice Mechanic for more information. In person and Online classes are available. Gift certificates are also available for purchase. 

Classes are private 60 minute sessions where you will learn to properly sing Metal style music and more!

Singing is like any other activity you can practice at and improve over time. Anyone can learn the proper way to sing. There is much more to it than getting the notes to sound right. You have to learn how to control your breathing, how to approach the notes and what facial features help you accomplish that. At The Voice Mechanic, you will learn the techniques professional singers use that will help you improve massively in your craft. Start the journey to smooth vocal chords and a happier life style today!

You can learn to sing any genre of music.

With the right guidance and dedication you can accomplish anything in life. Learning to sing Metal builds a new skill. It takes time to “buff out the scratches” as I like to call it. Practicing everyday will get you very far, but doing it incorrectly can damage your vocal chords. The Voice Mechanic will help you learn the correct way to build stamina and vocal rasp over time and build up your metal scream.

Voice Overs?

Did you know there are jobs available doing voice over screams? There’s voice over jobs for anything. Be one of the few people that shows up really knowing how to roar from the core. Learn to scream in a high pitch, low pitch, or just plain scary.



Record your songs, voice overs, instrumentals, reels. Ask for more details.

I am a singing teacher / vocal instructor with over 30 years of experience in METAL!

Visit The The Voice Mechanic located in Los Angeles for all your METAL needs!
At Hollywood & Vine

I also play guitar. Check out my band MIWA with Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big and Sons Of Apollo:

Here are a few videos with our other brother Chris Slade of AC/DC on the drums!